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Milan jr. BAJIC

Senior lecturer at Zagreb University of Applied Sciences

Milan jr. Bajić, a senior lecturer at Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, established and equipped a multimedia lab and procured advanced equipment such as the Hyperspectral Specim ImSpector V9 (2020) on a portable 2-meter slider with adjustable height, and thermal and visible cameras for UAV-based surveys.


He contributed to educating surveyors from the Croatian Mine Action Center on the application of UAVs in non-technical surveys in 2018, and taught courses in Digital Photography, Sound Production for Bachelor’s students, and Multimedia Systems and Digital Image Processing for Master’s students.


Milan participated in recent projects such as “STEM for a sustainable future” and “R U EU? – A game-based approach to exploring 21st-century European Identity and Values”. Currently, he is pursuing Ph.D. studies at FERI, focusing on high-resolution thermal and hyperspectral imaging for detecting explosive objects.