Why exhibit

NATO EOD Demonstrations & Trials 2023 put you in the centre of EOD/IEDD industry and EOD/IEDD community.



The main objective of the event is to parallel assembled mission experience to the present needs and development of new technology and equipment.



Equally important is a space for discussions at the conference and seminars to analyse the existing gaps in the EOD area with focus on Urgent Military Requirements and to propose possible way ahead as well as possibility to attend live demonstrations.


Organising of the event broadens knowledge about current and future aspects of EOD related technology capability horizons and confirms or identifies the area of shortfalls.


Discussions and demonstrations of technologies, TTPs and different organisations approaches continuously help to shape further DAT POW efforts and roadmaps.


The NATO EOD Demonstrations and Trials series proved to be very successful and irreplaceable event sough by SMEs, academia and industry for its excellent opportunity to build new connections, exchange information, technical solutions and to find way ahead with common interest.





  • exchange information about latest EOD/IEDD technologies capabilities;
  • harmonize urgent military requirements;
  • familiarize subject matters experts with different approaches and TTP when facing EOD/IEDD incidents.





  • meet EOD/IEDD industry and EOD/IEDD community of interest;
  • see the newest EOD/IEDD equipment;
  • participate in the conference, exhibition and live demonstrations.




The NATO Demonstrations and Trials 2023 delivers a platform for producers to live-demonstrate their best products in action. This creates a unique occasion to depict the robust features of the presented equipment and attract potential clients. In addition, clustered SMEs may update their knowledge pertaining to proposed disruptive technologies.